The SN0HQ Award has been issued in its current modified version since 2021.

1. The Award is granted every year to the Polish and foreign amateur radio stations for making at least six contacts, from all twelve various contacts possible to be made with the central PZK station - SN0HQ - representing the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) in the IARU HF Championship that is held annually on the second full weekend of July.

2. Contacts made on the CW and PHONE modes on 6 bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters are counted for the Award.

3. The Award is free of charge for the stations that will make contacts with the SN0HQ station on each of 6 bands on both modes – 12 contacts in total, and that will submit an application for the Award to the Award Manager of the PZK together with the list of the contacts (the application form here: The application for the Award can also be submitted in the form of e-mail containing the list of the made QSOs, directly in the e-mail content or as an attachment – a text, Cabrillo or PDF file. The electronic applications have to be submitted to the following address:, and the paper applications – to the address of the Award Manager provided in the „General Rules”.

4. For the stations that will make from 6 to 11 contacts with the SN0HQ station, the Award is payable – see the „General Rules”. Proof of payment to the PZK account or its xerocopy has to be attached to the application for the Award (the application form here: The application has to be submitted to the Award Manager of the PZK. If the application is submitted in electronic form, a scan of the proof of payment should be attached to the e-mail.

5. To be granted the SN0HQ Award, it is not necessary to confirm the contacts specified in the application by two fully licensed amateurs. The list of the itemized contacts will be compared with the SN0HQ station log during the issuing of the Award.

6. The deadline for submitting the applications for the Award for a given year is 31st December of that year – the postmark date applies.

Translation: Paweł Zakrzewski SP7TEV

O nas

Zespół SN0HQ to grupa, skupiająca pasjonatów zawodów krótkofalarskich. Wszystkim członkom Zespołu SN0HQ przyświeca wspólny cel: start polskiej stacji HQ w zawodach IARU HF Championship i osiągnięcie przez stację wyniku na światowym poziomie.

Stacja SN0HQ reprezentuje w zawodach IARU Polski Związek Krótkofalowców.


Polski Związek Krótkofalowców
Sekretariat ZG PZK
P.O. BOX 54
85-613 Bydgoszcz 13

Contest Manager PZK
Kazimierz Drzewiecki SP2FAX